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Mathematics postdoc wanted!

Christine Heitsch, my collaborator at the Southeast Center for Mathematics and Biology, and I are seeking a creative and enthusiastic postdoctoral scholar in mathematics to join our ongoing math-bio collaboration. The position is funded by the center and will be advised by Christine.

Our collaboration began as an investigation into how tRNA genes evolve, and we recently developed a new substitution model to account for transcription-associated mutagenesis in sequence evolution. On the biology side, my graduate student Ling continues to research mitochondrial tRNAs, and future work could apply mathematical approaches, e.g. neutral networks, to mt-tRNA evolution. But the direction of the collaboration is open, and may be guided by the interests and expertise of the postdoc. Experience in evolutionary theory or methodologies is most welcome, but not required.

Visit the listing on to see the complete details and to apply. And feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions!

My group investigates the evolution of populations and complex traits using genetics, genomics, molecular biology and cell biology. Our strengths are using creative engineering approaches to test the functional consequences of natural genetic variation, and identifying signatures of evolutionary processes in large datasets via computational analysis. My lab is relatively young (established fall 2015) and what I can't yet offer in reputation I aim to make up for as an engaged colleague! I am committed to working productively with all trainee collaborators and I enjoy opportunities to mentor the development of independent researchers, and support whatever professional goals they may have.

The School of Biological Sciences at Georgia Tech is a medium-sized department with an outstanding group of evolutionary biologists. We include at least seven highly interactive labs with a primary focus on the genetic basis of evolutionary dynamics, and additional labs using computational approaches in evolutionary genomics or field- and lab-based approaches in ecological genetics. Located within a world-class engineering institute, we have truly unique opportunities for collaboration, especially for quantitative applications.

Atlanta is a lush, green city with loads of restaurants and great quality of life. The city offers all the perks of a major metropolis but is affordable. The North Georgia mountains are only an hour's drive and the region includes some of the most beautiful outdoor landscapes on the east coast.