Lab members

Annalise Paaby
Assistant Professor

Office: 3011 EBB1
Office: (404) 385-4588
Lab: 2108 EBB1
Lab: (404) 385-5118

Pronunciation: “anna-lisa poe-bee”

I graduated from Swarthmore College in 2000, with a major in biology and a focus in ecology. I worked in science for three years, during which I learned fly pushing as a technician for Steve DiNardo and discovered evolutionary genetics as a tech for Paul Schmidt. I joined Paul’s lab as a graduate student in 2003 and earned my PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009. In 2015 I completed my postdoctoral training with Matt Rockman at New York University and began my appointment at Georgia Tech.

Han Ting Chou
Research Scientist

Office: 2205 EBB1
Lab: 2108 EBB1
Lab: (404) 385-5118

Han Ting began her career as a pianist and was a tenured professor of music in Argentina before she visited her sister’s lab and fell in love with science. She worked as a biology researcher for six years at National Tawain University, then earned her PhD in 2011 studying Pseudomonas in the lab of Chung-Dar Lu at Georgia State. Han Ting became a worm person when she started her postdoc with Casonya Johnson at GSU, and spent four years working on signal pathways regulating reproduction and tissue mophogenesis in C. elegans. She joined the Paaby lab in 2016 and is developing high throughput methods for microscopy phenotyping, including applications for testing the genetic basis of variability in germline RNAi.

Nick Testa

Office: 2205 EBB1
Lab: 2108 EBB1
Lab: (404) 385-5118

Samiksha Kaul
PhD student

Office: 2205 EBB1
Lab: 2108 EBB1
Lab: (404) 385-5118

Diptodip Deb

Lab: 2108 EBB1
Lab: (404) 385-5118


Previous members

Erick White
Technician, 2015-2016
Currently: Researcher at Yerkes Primate Research Center at Emory

Lijiang Long
Rotation student, 2016
Currently: PhD student in the McGrath lab

Deborah Postma
Bee-INSPIRED Summer Program, 2016
Currently: UGA undergraduate in the Dyer lab

Samiha Chowdhury
Undergraduate, 2015-2016
Currently: Georgia Tech undergraduate